8 Common Mistakes done by e-commerce platforms.

Everyone hates to talk about their mistakes openly. That is why we have fully prepared these lists, so that you can prevent these mistakes from happening to you when dealing with your e-commerce website. Let’s start from our top common mistakes.

1) Failing to do enough researches.

Building and running an eCommerce site is not a day job as it requires massive effort and patience. But you need to make sure you are investing your time on something worth while. Because some of the things you are doing can go to waste, if not done properly.

search engine

In that case, how do you prevent that? By doing extensive research of course. Before you start anything, you need to do your research and dig deep. Find out what may click and what not.

This may still not prevent some mistakes but it will certainly reduce some!

2) Using too much Pop-ups.


It is no myth that ads are a awesome a way to earn money if used wisely.

Customers as same as your websites visitors are quite impatient when visiting a website so try to get their attention. That is why Pop-ups are perfect for the job as they are very cool and great to capture attention.

However, the common mistake the online e-commerce owners make is, they tend to make excess use these pop-ups and end up blocking their web store’s content. Pop-ups can be very annoying and often overwhelm the user into quitting the website sooner than expected.

3) Bad Navigation Menu.

This is another common eCommerce mistakes that you need to avoid. no one cares how cool or awesome your website looks, when your users can’t find their way to the rest of your sites then it’s all useless.

You want your users to “click around” your site. However, you want them to do it with a purpose. If they click around trying to figure out where they want to go, then they will give up rather too quickly.

4) Bad Communication.

lack of communication

Ensure that your customers can get in contact with you easily. Yes, it may not seem as much, but if you are always available for your customers then they will feel a sense of trust and also your efficiency will increase.

Most of the owners forget to add methods their customers can use contact them or create any helpline. This is a very common eCommerce mistake.

5) Lack of Clearly-detailed Product Information.

Your sole intention of creating an eCommerce marketplace is to be able to sell your products. You have uploaded some nice quality images of your products and that’s perfect.

But if you don’t have any descriptive information about your products then you are losing out on a lot of customers. Online marketing lacks interactivity and that’s common sense. Because customers yet can’t touch, feel or relate to the product like they can in a physical shop.

They read the product description and try to get information about the product, how it could benefit them and all that when they are shopping online. Therefore, it is a big mistake to keep a customer assuming or wondering if a particular product can fix their problem. Also, there is a high probability they will quickly move onto another online shop.

6) In-secured E-commerce Store.

As an admin of a marketplace, you are not only responsible for the security of your own personal information but also to protect your customer’s privacy.

So do the needful, ensure you get a licensed SSL Certificate, and you update your website plugins regularly.

7) Lack of effective CTA.

CTA (call to action) is one of the best ways to gain massive subscribers and also guide your customers/visitors in the right path. However, you need to add that CTA button wisely.

Otherwise they can become too much and lose it’s effectiveness. It is one of the most common eCommerce mistakes.

CTA buttons

So here is our top 7 common mistakes you need to avoid when starting an online web store.

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