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Samsung Phone

Introduction to Android and Samsung

In this competitive world, we see that every company in its particular industry is trying to innovate itself to become more competent and stand out from the rest. Amongst numerous industries, the mobile phone and android phones industry is one such industry that has changed massively over the last few years. Most commonly, we hear that Apple and Samsung are the biggest game-changers in this industry.

However, many new companies are emerging, which gives these two companies a hard time, but whatever it is, these two dominate the market. One way these companies innovate themselves is by ways of inventing new gadgets and accessories.

Samsung, over the years, has invented several new accessories which complement their exclusive mobile phones. Android is a type of Operating system for mobile phones, and many mobile phones use android as their OS. Some mobile phones like Apple have their exclusive OS. There are also be compatible with Samsung mobile because it uses Android OS. Below, we’ll go through some of the main accessories to complement your phone and enhance its usefulness for you.

What are the best gadgets or accessories for Samsung phones?

Gadgets are accessories that complement your phone. Some of the accessories might be an absolute need for your phone like a charger, while some may just add features to your mobile phone.

Battery Pack / Power Bank

Power Bank for Android phones

Power banks are extremely important while traveling, and there’s no electric circuit available for you to charge your phone. In these circumstances, these power banks come in handy. Samsung 25W portable battery is an important gadget for Samsung mobiles which can charge your phone at the same speed of a regular charger. It’s perfect for Samsung, especially for the latest models like S20 Ultra or S20+, because it has a port for USB-C. USB-C is a specific charging port for Samsung, and this particular power bank facilitates charging the phone with a type C port

USB-C Fast Wall charger

Best charger for Android phones

This is merely a need for Samsung phones. Not only for Samsung, but every phone also needs a charger to work. Wall chargers are also available for Samsung with two different powers: 25W and 45W. 45W fast charger is specifically useful for Samsung S20 ultra because it charges at 45W, while other models are most suitable at charging at 45W. The specialty of these chargers is that they charge a phone quickly within an hour, and they are also portable, which makes it easy to carry them.

Samsung galaxy Buds+

Samsung galaxy buds for Android Phones

This accessory is much more like a necessity nowadays. Samsung galaxy buds provide you with an exceptional music experience with their enhanced sound quality and extended life. You can connect these buds to your phone via Bluetooth, and their specialty is that these buds are easy to carry around because they are portable. These are specifically for Samsung phones, while they can also work for different android devices. They can take you into another world while separating you from the outside noise.

Car Mount

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Car mount used for android phones

It’s a useful accessory for people who use their mobile phones a lot while driving. A car mount is a platform in which you can place your phone and easily talk while you’re driving. It uses adjustable arms to keep your phone in place, and you can attach it to your dashboard or even windshield to support your phone.

Camera lens kit for mobile

Lens used in Android phones

It’s an amazing gadget for people who are enthusiastic about photography. Imagine you’re someone who wants to capture every beautiful landscape you encounter, what’s better than a camera lens kit? You can take it anywhere and snap mesmerizing snaps easily. Xenvo camera lens s one such accessory that can help you capture 45% more high-quality pictures. You just have to clip it on your phone and align it with your camera. Moreover, it has 15x Clarus lenses that can help you take close-up pictures and magnify nearby objects to a greater extent. It’s also compatible with many dual and single-camera devices.

Gaming Controller

Gaming Pad for Android Phones

Are you obsessed with playing PUBG, Call of Duty, or any other mobile game? If you are really enthusiastic about e-sport, then this gadget is a great fit for your mobile device. It’ll help you enhance your gaming standards by giving a Nintendo gaming style with controllers on either side of the phone. Razer Kishi is one such mobile gaming controller than can take your gaming to the next level.

Bluetooth Speaker

samsung level box slim bluetooth speaker tejar
Bluetooth Speakers for Android Phones

Suppose you got a party in your home and you want to hype your audience with some loud music? These Bluetooth portable speakers might just be the gadget you need. These new UE boom speakers are an amazing speaker with exceptional sound which can rock any moment. Moreover, these are also waterproof that makes them durable.


Locator for Android Phones

Well, the news is coming out that Samsung is developing its own location tracker called Galaxy SmartTag+. It’ll help locate your lost mobile phone, and when you get close to your phone, you’ll get into an AR mode that will help detect the phone easily.


Those mentioned above are some of the best and essential gadgets perfect for a Samsung phone model. Accessories can make your life easy and enhance your device performance. They play the role of complementing your mobile phone as well as supporting them.

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