Find Customers for your business : The Right Way in 4 Steps

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Find Customers the right way. Businesses over time has grown from Trade by Barter, to physical shops, kiosks and more, where you can get your shop or business fixated on a particular location, and passer by who are interested in your goods or wares, purchase and automatically become your customers. Now in the Digital Era, you can open a shop online using any of the online platforms like in our previous article, upload your products and find customers. In this particular article we would be showing you how to find customers for your business in the right way.

1. Find Customers using Location

find cutomers

Depending on the Platforms you are using be it instagram, Twitter, Facebook, everybody resides in a particular location, and using the location to your advantage could get you lots of customers than you think. Follow these steps and you will be able to use locations to find customers for your business

  • Go on your search bar
  • Type in a location
  • Click on the location
  • Engage with users from that particular location
Now you can see users from that location and you can engage with them

2. Find Customers using HashTags


Hashtags has been one of the most overlooked social media tool, and if you know the secrets of hashtags you will be able to get more users, find customers and even more followers using just that tool. All you have to do is Search for a particular hashtag, for example #NigerianVendors and you will see every vendor who has used that hashtag and find customers that way.

This result will pull up when you search for a Hashtag

From the example above, you can see the Hashtag #NigerianVendors has been used over 180,000 times which definitely has a massive number of users in which, when you search for an hashtag within your niche, you can find customers that are very much interested in your business and patronize you

3. Referrals

chinese whispers

This is simply “A friend telling another friend about your service”. This is more like the Retweet on Twitter or Share on Facbook but in physical form. Always encourage your friends or family to Refer your business to others. What many people don’t realise is that, they bank on the trust of the person referring them. So always make sure you are in their good books and you will easily find customers this way

4. Paid Adverts


There are Online Digital Marketers or Social Media Influencers around your niche with experience and large following who you can pay to run Adverts and direct customers who are in need of your service or products to patronize you. Lots of people with the access feel everyone can run adverts perfectly, but it takes lots of practice and studies to be perfect in it. So while you are learning, We would suggest you pay a professional to run ads for you. To reach out to a Digital Marketing Agency to run Ads for you Click Here!

End Note

To find customers for your business is not rocket science. Follow the methods listed above and you will see a Drastic change in your customer base. Something to also take note of, is keeping in touch with existing customers and keeping a good relationship with them, and you will always get referrals.

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