Become A Social Media / Social Network Manager.

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A social media / social network manager can be a marketer, or a copywriter, or maybe an analyst, and in some cases all in one. But as someone who loves a challenge, that variety is one of the things that first drew me to working in a social network platform.


At its core, social network is a communication platform, but as a social network professional, it’s important to have solid communication skills that can flex to fit any platform, or audience.

A) Communicating On Social.

As the voice of your brand for customers on social, you have to be able to drop what you’re doing at a moment’s notice to hop on a trending topic or handle a customer complaint.

B) Communicating With Boss & Team.

Internally, you also have to be able to effectively communicate with your boss, and teammates. It’s important that you can speak to any stakeholder about your social media strategy, or your content distribution plan and impact of your work.


While there are many skills that can help get your message across on social, the core of communication always comes back to the written word.

The best social media managers are excellent copywriters who not only embody, but enhance their brand’s voice on social.

Resources to improve your writing:

A) Hemingway Editor.

B) Grammar Girl.


Differentiation is one of the challenges for brands in the social network space. Every social network manager wants to create content that’s exciting, but it takes creativity to come up with ideas that stand out. So do ensure you take your time and make proper use of those time if you don’t want to be seen as an unprofessional social media manager.


You can’t manage a social network strategy without efficiency and organization, which are the two necessary social platform skills.


If you see your role as one focused on accomplishing social goals, I want to challenge you to think bigger. Social sits at the intersection of marketing, sales and is the source of so much valuable business intelligence.


Customer care is a social media skill that combines customer service, and an eye for uncovering opportunities. Developing a social customer care strategy is an integral part of being a social media manager.

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