How to convert e-commerce visitors to customers.

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In today’s modern world, the sales of E-commerce platforms are increasing at a high pace as customers and visitors are now becoming more familiar with online sales, and the term ‘WooCommerce’ is one of the giant e-commerce platforms that covers over 45%. It’s very easy and flexible to use and understand for both users and startups businesses be it small or large.

So If you want to be a step ahead your fellow competitors you need to convert your website visitors into loyal customers.

In today’s topic we shall let you in on different methods you could use to convert your visitors into a regular customer on your e-commerce store.

Basic guidelines to maximize Sales On WooCommerce Store.

1) Creating a user-friendly eCommerce landing pages suitable for your customers.

Firstly, You need to create an eye-catching e-commerce website, this website should be:

A) Responsive on all devices.

B) Interactive.

C) User-Friendly.

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2) A Secured Online Store to secure customer’s privacy.

People are now increasingly knowledgable when it comes to differentiating between secured and insecured websites. And also very skeptical about online transactions. For this reason, ensuring security of clients privacy is a necessity for any eCommerce business.

Also remember, your online store is a home of very confidential information, for example customers credit card numbers, address, and a lot more personal informations.

To avoid troubles, ensure that your WooCommerce store is protected against online threats, viruses and hackers with SSL certificate, Always ensure your plugins are updated and you have a very strong backup.

3) Usage of professional standard images, and videos to attract customers.

Visual presentations grab more attention than texts. So using the right types and amounts of images in your web store is just as important. Good quality and genuine pictures sends the right vibes to your visitors and triggers them to make a purchase on your store. When you showcase real pictures of the products you are selling instead of fake pictures taken off the internet, you go one step ahead in compelling your visitors to have faith in you and trust you.

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4) A Clear Description Of Your Products.

When you add a very detail product description of your products that showcases your website visitors both the ‘Benefit’ and ‘Feature’ of that product it would make them to purchase from your store and also boost your chances of getting more sales.

Visit this blog post to read more on products description.

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5) Refund Policy.

The return and exchange policy gives the customers more confidence in your products, so give them a very-detail return policy description with the terms and conditions applied to it.

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But remember to be careful and don’t just bluff about it. You have to make sure you keep your promise!.

6) Be Active And Reachable.

Having a good customer support is one of the best key selling points. It’s where a normal window shopper will convert with prompt replies to queries and the right guidance from your client representatives.

And it’s also where an angry upset customer will feel heard and valued. And may even become a returning client and brand ambassador for your store.

So be extra careful when working on your customer support services, as it has the ability to get you need customers and at the same time help to keep your existing customers.

  • Build an easy-to-access contact us page
  • create support forms
  • live chats
  • email and phone support,

and see which one works perfectly for your business.


7) Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Research on the latest trending keywords that’s relevant to your WooCommerce store and optimize your web store that way so you rank higher on pages like Google, Bing, e.t.c. Because when you rank higher, you get more traffic and sales too!

Always keep up with competitor store updates and work, both local and global. Study the latest marketplace trends and technology that you can implement. Stay one step ahead.

All these are some of the very basics way you could convert your visitors to a full-time customer, Bear in mind that these strategies work differently depending on your store, so try them all out and see which works perfectly for you.

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