How to Sign up as a Vendor on INSTAMALLGLOBAL

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Instamallglobal Marketplace is an online E – commerce platform that allows a vendor to open their own oniline virtual shop for free, upload products, make sales, all from the convienience of their home using either a laptop, mobile device or a tablet. Here is to tell you how to sign up with us

Many vendors tends to find difficulty in opening an account or registering with us to so this particular blog post we will be letting you know how to sign up as a vendor on this platform.

(How to Sign up) Open the website or App

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This is the basic Homepage. Click on the three lines close to the company logo at the top left to access the menus

You can access this platform using different means. You can either open it through the browser while typing or you Download the app fro App store or play store depending on your device and click on the menu bar which contains three lines. This is the first step to show you how to sign up on this platform

(How to Sign up) Select “My Account”

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Click on my account from the menu options

After Clicking on the Menu lines, the nest thing you have to do after the menu bar slides in is to click on the My Account, which is the fifth menu and second to the last menu and a new window will appear, and this is the second step to how to sign up with us.

Select “I am a Vendor”

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Click on “I am a vendor”

When the new window appears, scroll down and select I am a vendor, and more options on the form will pop up. You should only sign up as a vendor and not a customer, because as a vendor you get the liberty of making sales and selling will be enabled, but as a customer you wont be able to make sales, and this is the third step to how to sign up as a vendor with us.

(How to sign up) Fill in your correct Details

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Fill in the correct details except shop url and choose a strong password

In this particular phase, you have to fill in your correct details. From your name, to your Shop name, Phone numbers, Email, as seen in the example above. You have to fill in all the details except shop url as that will be provided for you automatically. Choose a very strong password that you can remember, Please fill in your correct details as it will be validated, after fillinf your details, make sure you go through it and make sure its the correct details before Clicking Register. This is the final step to completing your registration on How to sign up as a vendor.

Verify your account via Mail

hwo to signg up

After completing your registration, You have to go the same email you filled in the form, and click to verify that the email is correct, Also you will get enabled for selling , when the admin has verified all details are correct and then you can login back to upload products, your business logo and more

Click Here to contact the Admin on instagram if you face any difficulty

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