How to Upload your Products on our Marketplace

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Hello Vendors, If you are reading this, you must be willing to sell an item, or trying to upload products you really want to sell on our marketplace anf you are facing some difficulties, I am here to make it very easy for you in some few steps.

1. Go to your Dashboard

First of all, you would need to Login and go to my account, Put in your username and password, click on the menu button and click on my account, and then this picture will appear


2. Click on Products

Click on the product menu and click on the Add New Product button as displayed on the image


3. Click Add New Products

Continue from step two and click on Add new Product to proceed


4. Fill in Details of your Product

This Page will open and then you have to move to the next step


5. Fill in Correct details

Please fill in the correct details of your product, including adding a Product Image so clients can see the products they will be getting, Also add price and product description


6. Add more details

Add more details to the products to enable clients know what they are getting and how it will benefit them


7. Submit for Review

When your product is being submitted for review it would show the pending icon as shown in the image below, here you are done and all you have to do is wait for the Admin to approve the product.


8. Products Approved

Viola! When the product is approved, it will show up in the market place and you will get an email to confirm your product has been uploaded, clients will be able to purchase the products now


End Note

In this particular article we have shown how to upload your products in the markteplace in 8 EASY STEPS. Follow the steps accordingly and you are on your way to start making sales using this platform.

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