Social Media Addiction Cure.

In the last 2 decades we have seen the rise of different social media platforms, though this different technologies can be used the right way and most times the wrong way too. This is simply because some human’s misuse these tools, which leads to several medical issues.

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There are typically 2 extremist oppositions, the first is against these social media platforms, while the other are those who are highly-addicted to these social platforms.

Where Do We Stand In All These?

We believe that though social media has done lot of good stuffs, especially in connecting different people from different race together, but we believe there should be a limit to these social platforms.

Is Social Media Addiction A Problem?

Definitely, Social media addiction is said to be a very big problem, as it causes lot of distractions especially to teenagers / students. You would probably find it hard focusing in class or at work if you are addicted to social media. This also affects you medically, due to students / teenagers over-using social media, most skip their meals, sleep, and even daily house routine due to these social platforms.

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How Do I Know I Am Addicted?

1) You are always preoccupied by social media.

2) You use it to reduce negative feelings.

3) You gradually use it to get the same pleasure from it.

4) You suffer distress or get crazy when prohibited.

5) You cause harm to other areas of your life.


It is that quite bad, but do not despair, you are not the only one going through this addiction, which is why we will be listing how you could cure your social media addictions.

How To Cure Your Social Media Addictions.

Though, many suggest you take a 30 days break from social media, most case it just doesn’t work. so below are the best way i will suggest you get rid of your social media addictions.

1) Deleting All Your Social Media App For One Day.

Setting the restrictions to 30 days is just way too high, and in order to change an habit, you need to start low. Ensure you delete all your social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat, Whatsapp, e.t.c.

This step helps you experience life outside social media, and you will notice you get more productivity in your place of work, or school.

2) Refine Your Inputs.

After coming back from your 1 day delete break, you need to analyze what is distracting you the most on these social platforms and ruthlessly take them out, especially when they do not impact any positive value to you.

3) Block Any Sounds And Distractions.

In order not to get distracted, do ensure that you take some personal actions like disabling your notification from all your social media platforms (lock screen notification inclusive), set your phone to silent mode, this helps prevent you getting a beeping sound distraction when someone tags you on their posts or reacts on your post, which is a big distraction especially when reading.

4) Avoid Your Mobile Devices When Working / Reading.

Whenever you are busy with work try as much as possible to avoid your smartphones. This is because most people have these social platforms on their smartphones, failure to do this would mean you are violating the number one rule stated under the ‘How Do I Know I Am Addicted’ section.

Here are our top tips on how you could avoid getting too carried away by social media.

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