Top Gadgets For Vlogging.


Becoming a vlogger or diving into vlogging can very overwhelming, especially when you are totally clueless on how to start in the first place, so today we shall be discussing top 5 gadgets (such as camera, ring light, tripod, e.t.c), you need to become a vlogger.

Video Recording Camera.

Vlogging is a career that requires you shooting lot of videos with awesome gadgets for specific days such as the weekends for example. You need to ensure that your camera is capable of shooting high-quality videos even during the dark hours. A good gadget you might want to get into your gadget accessories box is the “Nikon D3400”, This powerful gadget contains a 300mm zoom lens, which perfectly captures distant subjects like the birds, Skyscrapers, e.t.c. If you are a lover of smartphones and do not want to carry those bulky camera DSLRs, then the Samsung Note 20 Ultra or the iPhone 12 Pro Max are very good options.

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In today’s modern world, people are quite unforgiving when it comes to a bad mic issue, no one loves to tune into a video which has a very poor sound quality. Ensuring you get the best mic is one of the most important aspect if you really want to dive into vlogging.

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A Tripod Or Selfie Stick.

A shaky camera is totally bad for vlogging, this is because as you are recording and walking, your camera is losing it’s stance, the best option is getting either a tripod or a selfie stick, this gadgets comes with nice handy designs which ensures your camera stays firm, and also allows you to capture both yourself and your environment.

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Lighting is as essential a part of your vlogging same as the previous gears we have stated. Your camera will shoot perfectly if you are shooting videos in the sunlight. However, while for indoor video shooting, you would need a ring light to help lighten up the room. Poorly lit rooms could result to bad video quality.

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Video Editing Software

This is the final step to your vlogging process before uploading your video. After you’ve recorded the video and audio, you have to edit the video, mix the sounds and effects. Nowadays, there are several free video editing software available on the internet such as Hitfilm Express. If you want to higher advanced editing, then going for a paid software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Filmora would be the best option.

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Vlogging is fun as it helps you share your life experiences and show people around the world what you are passionate about.

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