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Introduction to vlogging

In this era, online earning is a huge thing. You can make a great fortune by selling your skills online. Besides, several online marketplaces like Upwork allow sellers to market and sell their skills online. As a result, many people earn a passive income through these sources. Amongst many online earning streams, vlogging is another fairly new trend that involves people making videos of their daily lives. Most people make video content and upload it onto YouTube. Upon achieving a certain number of subscribers, they earn income based on the views on their videos. Additionally, they can publish their videos on any social media site and earn income. However, advanced vloggers require several tools/accessories to make exceptionally great vlogs. We’ll touch on some of the best tools that can make your vlogs stand out from the rest.

Best Vloggers accessories kit

The life of vlogger revolves around thinking about new content for their videos. There are many different types of vlogs that vloggers make. It could be a food vlog, where vloggers go to restaurants and review food. Similarly, it could be a travel vlog where vloggers travel to undiscovered places and talk about them in their videos. Basically, it could be anything about their life. To make these vlogs interesting and more engaging, vlogs use certain tools and skills to make them more cinematic and appealing to the audience. Below, we’ll talk about essential vlogging gear and equipment which can impact your videos a lot.

Vlogging Camera

vlogging camera

Without any doubt, cameras are essential gear for a vlogger. However, you don’t have to purchase a fancy camera. Many vloggers use their mobile phones to make their vlogs. Even more interesting, some people make use of their computer’s webcam to create content. So, purchasing a DSLR is not at all important to create content. However, if you want to buy a camera, you should probably go for mirrorless or compact cameras. Mirrorless cameras are great because they have great sensors, and they capture good images.

Moreover, you can always magnify them by externally purchasing superior lenses over time. On the other hand, you can go for compact cameras, which are portable than mirrorless. However, they come with their own lenses, but they are generally good and last for quite a long time. Canon Powershot G7 is a great compact camera for vloggers, while Sony A7S Mark 2 is an ideal mirrorless camera.

Microphone for Sound

best vlogging microphone scaled

You’ll need some system to record sound because you’ll be practically talking in your vlog. However, your camera’s built-in microphone might not come in handy because they distort your voice. Suppose you’re in rough or windy terrain; it might be difficult to ascertain as to what you’re speaking in your vlogs. Especially necessary in travel vlogs, external microphones can be helpful.  Especially necessary in travel vlogs, external microphones can be helpful. Shotgun microphones like RODE VideoMic Pro can be extremely useful because they are sensitive and produce high-quality clear voice. This microphone is also affordable and can level up your vlogging game.


windshield vlogging

Particularly important for travel vloggers, windshield will help to counter background wind distortion to sound. They are placed on the microphone capsule and enhance the voice quality.

Vlogging Lightning

lighting for vlogging

Microphone and camera are some of the biggest essentials for a vlogger. To make things much better, you can set up your own aesthetic lightning. Many vloggers use ring lights to get that soft natural glow.  Therefore, if you want to look professional, try making things better with ring light or natural light soft kits.


Prime lenses

The lens can help you magnify and enhance your video quality. They might be pricey, but the lens is beneficial in the long term. They transform your videos and clicks into a high-quality product. Therefore, try to invest in some Sony lens and witness the results.

Accessories for Mobile Vlogging

Some people tend to continue their vlogging career with only their mobile phone. Fortunately, there are appealing accessories for them as well to level up their vlogging game. You can purchase tripod stands that can help you capture films easily and provide stability. Moreover, you can use ring lights and an external microphone of RODE on your mobile devices as well. These features will give you a professional look to raise your vlogging standards. On the other hand, you can even purchase Aukey Smartphone lens , magnifying and enhancing your shots and videos.


Many people might engage in vlogging because they may be passionate about it and pursue it as their hobby. If you’re someone who loves to make video content and you want to earn a fortune using it, then check out the above gear kit and level up your profession. 

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