Ajay Sax – “I Got The Inspiration of You Reign On High From Nathaniel Bassey”

ajay sax

Gospel Artist, AJAY SAX, made waves with the release of his new song “YOU REIGN ON HIGH” on Saturday, October 14, 2023.

Within just two days, the song garnered an impressive 10,000 plays and over 100 likes, quickly securing the number 2 spot on Twitter’s trending list, thanks to a highly effective promotion strategy by Instamallglobal (X).

This remarkable achievement drew attention from various quarters, with prominent blogs like Remedy Blog, Gospelhotspot and Gospellyricalworld featuring the milestone.

AJAY SAX, whose real name is Ajirioghene Masoje, is a multi-talented artist with roots in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria, but currently based in Dubai

This gospel artist’s rise to prominence is nothing short of extraordinary, and his music is undoubtedly leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of listeners.

In an exclusive interview with Dante Kennedy, AJAY SAX opens up about his journey, shedding light on his life, inspirations, and the story behind the captivating “YOU REIGN ON HIGH.”

What is Your Full Name and Where Are You From?

I am Ajirioghene Masoje and I am from Nigeria, Warri Delta State, The South South part of the country

What is the inspiration behind your new song “You Reign on High”?

The inspiration of the song “You reign on High” was gotten from a small fellowship back home.

I was in a fellowship all by myself at home and I was listening to a song…a ministration by Nathaniel Bassey and a word just dropped in my spirit, “you reign on high” that’s how the first verse came in.

As soon as I was done I was like you’re Jehovah and you can do all things.

I was like acknowledging him and thanking him for everything so that’s how the song came.

Your song trended at Number 2 on Twitter Nigeria on its first day, What do you think and did you expect such traction on its first day?

Well, I’m not going to lie, I did not expect that.

I know when God asks you to do something, he has your full back and I’m grateful to God for making that work out.

We heard you’re a multi-talented instrumentalist, how many can you play and which is your favorite?

I actually can play anything.

Right now I can play drums, the piano, lead and bass guitar, I can play the flute, I played talking drum for a while and I ended up with saxophone and yeah, saxophone is my favorite hence the name, Ajay sax

What should we be expecting from you next?

By God’s grace we put together a new song written back home by my team and I.

We have that project ongoing and also a praise medley ready for distribution now.

“YOU REIGN ON HIGH” by Ajay Sax  is available on all streaming platforms, Apple Music, Spotify, Audio mack, YouTube Music.

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