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3 Best way to use Influencer Marketing

influencer marketing
influencer marketing

All you need to know about Influencer Marketing


In today’s digital age, getting a marketing message to your target audience is an entire sport. Your target audience is exposed to thousands of content on their Instagram feeds, Tiktok page and other related platforms, the consumption patterns differ significantly from traditional billboards, TV, and radio.

Amidst these odds, imagine being able to reach your target audience by collaborating with an individual whose talent and style has gained the hearts of thousands of people; this is basically what influencer marketing is all about. This article delves into this strategy, unveiling its potential as your brand’s growth catalyst.

What Is Influencer Marketing?


Influencer marketing is intricately tied to social media.

Social media influencers are individuals who boast with substantial and engaging followers across different social media platforms; Remove the social media component from an influencer and they become regular individuals just like you and I.

These social media demigods collaborate with brands to market the brand’s product, service or message as they hold the ability to influence the opinions and decisions of their audience.

In the realm of influencer marketing, the influencer you collaborate with should align with your brand’s essence, influencers typically specialize in specific niches, while some possess diverse talents. For instance, if you run a food enterprise, seek out a content creator focused on culinary delights. Alternatively, if your business offers spa services, connect with a beauty/skincare influencer; This is where the potency and effectiveness of Influencer marketing truly reside

Notably, this marketing approach isn’t restricted to large businesses as it is proving equally advantageous for smaller brands.

What are Key factors in Collaborating with an Influencer?

  • Audience Resonance

In influencer marketing, resonance is important. It involves comprehending an influencer’s audience, evaluating the influencer’s impact on their audience and the level of engagement generated for a brand. This assessment helps ensure a meaningful connection between the influencer and the brand’s message.

  • Alignment of Values

Prior to collaborating with an influencer, ensure a solid grasp of your brand’s fundamental principles and values. Depending solely on numbers of followers is naïve; Dig deeper into influencers’ values, opinions, and reputation, seek those whose values match your brand’s and whose personality can enhance your brand values.

Why Should I Adopt Influencer Marketing?

  • Audience Access

In influencer marketing, a major advantage is the quick access you gain to a ready and interested audience. Influencers have spent years building connections and trust with their followers. This means you’re reaching possible customers you might not have connected with before. It’s a way to tap into a group of people who are already engaged and interested.

  • Expanding Brand Awareness

The impact of influencer marketing on brand awareness cannot be overemphasized. Through influencers, your brand message reaches a broader and more engaged audience as, these influencers share your products or services, their followers take notice and the effect can lead to a major increase in brand visibility, sparking conversations and interactions.

  • Credibility:

“Credibility is a currency in marketing that is often challenging to earn.”

Influencer marketing basically offers a shortcut. By associating your brand with an influencer who holds authority and credibility within your niche, you’re essentially borrowing their trust capital and leveraging their status as an admired public figure to promote your brand. Their endorsement serves as a powerful recommendation, allowing you to bypass initial doubts and establish credibility among potential customers.

How do I Connect with the Best Influencers?

You can connect with influencers by first ensuring the quality of your services or products. With this in place reach out through their official mail or handles and state your request. “Oh! That’s easy” you might think but there’s a one out of hundred percent chance they’d get to see your message due to the level of requests they get on a daily basis. Which is why platforms like Instamall is in existence.

Instamall makes it easier to find, hire and pay influencers, inform you of key insights and analyze metrics. Instamall provides you the gateway to strategic Influencer partnerships that align seamlessly with your brand. Our expert team curates, evaluates, and understands influencers to turbocharge your brand’s expansion and success.”


Influencer marketing is not just a give and take strategy, it’s about building authentic connections. When an influencer genuinely believes in your brand, their promotion becomes heartfelt and persuasive. This authenticity is what differentiates influencer marketing from traditional advertisements, creating a deeper and more lasting impact on your target audience. By collaborating with influencers who resonate with your audience and uphold your brand values, you unlock a high potential for your brand’s engagement, credibility, and brand growth. It’s not just about reaching a larger audience; it’s about making genuine connections that leave a lasting impression.

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