How to Become a good Affiliate Marketer with Us in 3 steps

affiliate marketer


affiliate marketer

Affiliate Marketing would let you make money by sharing your link and referring people to use your link to visit or make purchases on the website. You could be making money just at the comfort of your home just with a phone and data. In this particular article i would be showing you How to become an Affiliate Marketer with Instamallglobal in very easy steps.

1. Register as an Affiliate Marketer

The first step is to Register as an Affiliate Marketer with us, which would enable to you get your own link and share with your friends, Check your daily progress, how much visitors and Sales have come through you and how much you have made so far.

To Register as an Affiliate Marketer, On the Home page, Click on the Affiliate Area, and fill in the required detials including Name, Password and more. Your request will be pending, and when approved by the admin, you will get a unique link on the dashboard which you would be able to share and from there, you earnings wil be calculated.

When you get your Unique link, the next thing is to start sharing your link with friends and family because the more they make a purchase on the website through your link, the more money you make. the more they visit through your link, the more you make. So share with as many people as you can, and broadcast to as far as you can daily.

3. Start Earning!

The more you share your link and get people to use it, the more you earn. You get :

N1 for each visit through your link

5% for each Sale made through your link

Earnings shall be calculated at the end of every month and withdrawn within 72hrs of a withdrawal request

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